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These days IT expectations are vast. To drag your graph uphill adopt Crystal Televentures services to heighten adaptability, agility and competence. Crystal Televentures offers its effective IT strategy by providing system integration, testing, application development and management services and solutions. Far-Reaching industry expertise helps to embrace the desired prospect and redesign in accordance to what lies ahead that is at par with your business demand.Information technology landscape is demanding & interwoven and continues to soar high.

Crystal Televentures fine tunes management services to your desired business objectives. Find a full range of optimum managed service guide with an ordinance to successful market players. Leverage from our core compliance process that covers end-to-end service solution out of our hand.

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Providing End-User Support to resolve issues around Pcs/Laptops/Virtualized systems, Email Client, Office Suite, and Network Connectivity.

Crystal Televentures brings its unique Service Desk offering to customers, based on the extensive end-users experiences gained in last 8 years on a global scale.

We have 3 delivery centers strategically located to help our customers with 2000+ end users who are geographically dispersed across, South East Asia, India, Europe and USA. We bring in localization and cultural touch to our service enhancing the overall end user experience.

Our Service Desk provides:

  • Single point of contact for Business IT support
  • A World Class Support to end users
  • Fully White label Service
  • ITIL Based Incident and Request Management
  • Problem Analysis, Troubleshooting & Resolution
  • Facilitation of Issue escalation
  • Manage Knowledge Base
  • Adherence to SLAs
  • Highly Trained Technicians
  • Email and Telephone Support
  • Languages : English, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Japanese
  • Fixed monthly low fee

We not only respond to incidents, problems, service request and general IT related questions but on a timely fashion reducing the time to resolve. We reduce the impact of non-availability of infrastructure or back office application the core of your business by fixing issues on time. We take complete end-to-end ownership of Incidents and Service request which frees users from follow-ups and allows them to spend their valuable time to focus on their core Business activities, knowing Crystal Televentures's proactive approach and determination to resolve the issue on priority is in the DNA.


Your business depends on the performance and reliability of your network. We help you to focus on business and relying on us to monitor and manage your network components like routers, switches, servers and storage systems. We manage 3000+ Devices by a strong 75+ certified engineers around the clock providing an enterprise-class 24/7/365 monitoring and management. We have 3 delivery centers strategically located to help our customers who are geographically dispersed across, South East Asia, India, Europe and USA.

Our NOC Provides:

  • Monitoring & Management
  • Issue Identification & Resolution
  • Local Area Network (LAN) management
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) management
  • Wireless Network management
  • Firewall Management
  • Device management

Keeping your network healthy, stable and aligned with business requirements can be a challenge for in-house operations, due to a lack of resources or skill sets. At the center of our ITO offering is our Global Network Operations Center (GNOC). A strong team of industry certified Level 1 to Level 3 engineers helps to resolve problems quickly and efficiently, giving your enterprise important productivity benefits and lowering the total cost of computing. We partner with, and support, your internal teams to deliver supplemental services or holistic network solutions depending on your business’s need. Our experienced, knowledgeable team, measured by service level agreements (SLAs), manage your IT operations so that you can stay focused on your business.


Company's valuable information is always under threat though technology and security measures has far improved to mitigate the risk of data theft. We bring in our SOC experts to proactively monitor and manage your network to keep away from the threats and be less vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

We monitor your core network and security devices:

  • Firewalls
  • Proxy
  • Network IDS/IPS
  • Load Balancing

Our managed Services answers these questions. Our expert team comprise of CISSP, CEH, CDRE, Security+, CCNA Security, Product specific security certified and process will bring the knowledge of identifying the threats, analyzing the traffic flow, pattern matching, identify anomalies and providing the right recommendation, a key to combat ongoing newer threats, malwares, ransomwares etc. Crystal Televentures provides the capabilities to effectively monitor and manage your security infrastructure. Our team will take care of day-to-day operational security issues 24×7. Our SOC experts recommend you the right IT security tools to solve security issues.

Secure Infrastructure:

  • Security technology
  • Security architecture Assessment
  • Security configuration Recommendation
  • Technical consultation

Status Monitoring & Incident Management:

  • Incident Management
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Virus response and Alerts
  • Anti-Phishing, Anti-Trojan response and Alert
  • Malware Monitoring

Computing Equipment and Endpoint Devices:

  • Remote administration
  • Update antivirus.
  • Update Security Patches

Risk Management:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Vulnerability Scanning


Whether you are deploying a new network or expanding an existing network, Crystal Televentures's Network Design and Maintenance Service can help you. With vast technology expertise, we have the ability to understand your requirement, given our experience in disparate networks.

Our Services:

  • Create a detailed well-engineered Network Design
  • Design Validation to meet Business requirements
  • Network Implementation Planning and System Configuration
  • Deployment Validation and Maintenance

We believe in phased approach when implementing a network, system or a new technology. We will work closely with you to understand your Business outcomes and how the current infrastructure is designed to help in building a scalable and resilient network. Analyze which technology would fit your business needs and offer design solutions and products. We being a vendor agnostic team, helps to inline with customer's features and budgets. Upon completion of network setup which will be done in phased manner of design, validation, implementation and post deployment checks, Crystal Televentures can provide proactive approach of monitoring and managing of network. We being a MSP , delivering the remote management provides an edge as it reduces the transition time to another team.

We deploy right tools, create policies and procedures customized to a given environment, for a fully managed IT Operations. Our Team comprise of CCDP and CCIEs who have enormous IT experience in creation of big sustainable networks.