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Hence, quality assurance is majorly divided into five important aspects to cover most of the quality crunches as Specifying customers needs, Expectation determination, Design quality, Inspection throughout the process and Feedback regard.

  • Crystal Televentures offers the following unique skill set catering to the Testing services.
  • Test Case Management System- Test Link, JIRA, IBM RQM, HP QC etc..
  • Test Authoring System – ROBOT, STAG, Perl/Python/TCL, iTest, Eggplant, Appium
  • Test Reservation System – CloudShell, Quali, Spirent ILO
  • Test Execution & Reporting – SeleniumTestNG, IBM RQM, Spirent ILO.

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End to End IT Solutions & Business Solutions

Delivering Innovative and Cost-Effective Business Solutions including

Application Management Services

Cloud ERP Solutions

Enable Web to mobility so as to easily switch between using services on any device.Real time information capture, instantaneous updates and a comprehensive document management tools enable users to ensure orders are communicated and followed, tracking every user's activities within Cloud ERP.

From locking down contracts, to pushing across change orders, Cloud erp's end-to-end services allow you to quickly create users, schedule and create RFIs all while keeping an eye on the budget.

Following are the services:

  • SaaS extensions for Cloud ERP - E-Commerce Apps.
  • Outbound distributions Consolidation.
  • Unified Bar code Scanners for Warehouse integrations.
  • Variance reports and Dash boarding using Open source modules

Travel and E-Ticketing Solutions

Crystal Televentures offers a comprehensive suite of travel products.Robust, highly scalable cloud based technology platform ,mobile apps, websites, corporate platform with centralized 24-hour customer service center. Pioneer in providing end-to-end software and other value added solutions for the Bus, Taxi & Tour booking Industry by leveraging the latest technologies in B2B & B2C space.


  • Portal & Mobility based Technology solutions for private bus operators and aggregations
  • Wallet Solutions.
  • e-ticketing systems.
  • Fleet management solutions
  • Vehicle tracking systems.
  • Passenger information systems.
  • Logistics management backed by a 24x7 customer support centers.